I am an English lady who lived in Bulgaria for 18 months which sadly did not turn out as I had hoped.
I was not new to Bulgaria's Black Sea Coast region as for 10 years I had owned an apartment there which I used regularly, even staying there for 6 months at a time on occassion on my own. I felt I knew Bulgaria and the culture well. I had learned to speak enough Bulgarian to get by and was familiar with the Bulgarian way of life.
I knew Bulgarians, in comparison, to the UK, still had a lot of outdated views and prejudices but I had never felt these were directed at British, German or Scandinavian tourists but was well aware of their dislike of Romanians and darker skinned people who were referred to openly as gypsys and niggers. There also seemed to be some resentment towards Russians who did appear to treat Bulgarians as less superior to them and could be quite demanding!
There were some who resented Americans but most had never met one.
Being English, you are seen as rich and pr…
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